6 Tips for Starting Crossfit

Crossfit can be one of the most intimidating things to start. From the big open space, to equipment you aren’t familiar with, to movements that look impossible, it can be tough to step foot into a Crossfit gym as a new athlete. We hope the following tips help make it a little less intimidating and get your Crossfit journey off to a great start! 

1. Trust your coach and listen up.

Our coaches are experts at what they do and are there to keep you safe. They are constantly looking out to make sure that your form stays safe and that you are adding weight and skills in an appropriate way. This is why listening to your coach is vital. It’s important to pay attention to everything they say and ask clarifying questions if you aren’t sure what exactly they mean. If your coach asks you to take weight off of the bar, there should be zero hesitation. If your coach cues you to modify your form, do your best to receive it with a positive attitude and willingness to get better. Here at Crossfit Fireside we talk a lot about leaving your ego at the door and being coachable. Our coaches are always on your side and looking out for your best interest so be sure to trust your coach and listen to what they have to say.

2. Make a plan to show up consistently.

Starting Crossfit can be a huge demand on your body. You are learning new skills and doing them at an intensity that you have never done before. This is why it’s important to show up consistently so that your body can adapt. Over time you will be less and less sore after workouts and begin to feel like you are really getting the hang of it. For beginners we recommend commiting to at least 3 Crossfit classes a week. This will allow your body good recovery time in between workouts to keep you safe as you get started, but also enough time in the gym to really start to make progress. Once three workouts a week seem easy, you can bump it up!

3. Be willing to scale.

Our coaches are experts at scaling and modifying workouts to make sure that you are safe and have the perfect workout for your current fitness ability. If the workout on the board seems impossible to do, have no fear–our coaches will scale back the movements and number of reps to make sure that the workout feels doable. The majority of our athletes scale our workouts, which is exactly how our program is designed. 

4. Show up ready to make new friends and come to a consistent class time.

If you ask our members what their favorite part about Fireside is, it is likely that they will say the killer workouts and awesome community. We have that awesome community because our athletes show up for each other. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to the person working out next to you. Chances are they will be new too or be able to give you some great tips. Show up early to class so you can get to know your fellow athletes and stay late to catch up with them. Soon the gym will go from a place of intimidation to your favorite place to be! In addition, try to stick to one class time for a while so that you can get to know your fellow athletes and coach.

5. Don’t worry about what other people are thinking. 

We often hear that people are scared to start Crossfit because they don’t want to feel judged by other athletes. We totally get it, but are proud to say that our gym is incredibly welcoming. Here’s a secret, the only person truly worried about you is yourself and your coach. Everyone else is focused on what they are doing–we promise. Our athletes and coaches remember what it was like to start Crossfit and there is zero judgment. We love teaching new people about how incredible Crossfit is. Focus on your journey and be proud for showing up for yourself!

6. Invite a friend to come with you. 

One of the easiest ways to make starting Crossfit a little less intimidating is to bring a friend! Coordinate workouts together so that you can support each other and hold one another accountable. Just be sure to also say hello to your fellow classmates!

We hope these tips are helpful as you start off your journey. Our community and coaches are so special and we can’t wait to meet you!