See Better Results With Community

One of the most common reasons you will hear people say they love CrossFit is because of the community. If you have never taken a group fitness class or been a part of a team environment understanding what exactly that means can be difficult. Here are five reasons why you will see better results when you join our community here are CrossFit Fireside.

You will want to show up more consistently.

Knowing that you have an awesome group of friends waiting for you at the gym will make you want to show up more consistently. Instead of just going to the gym to workout, you are now suddenly going to the gym to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Here at Fireside you will make lifelong friends who will cheer you on the whole way. We often hear that you are the people that you hang out with–so if you want to live a healthy and active lifestyle, being around a bunch of CrossFitters is the place to be!

You will push harder.

When you know your friends are around cheering you on, you will push harder. In a CrossFit class everyone completes the WOD together and it creates a sense of shared camaraderie. You won’t give up because the person next to you isn’t giving up. This environment also creates some fun competition. You will add more weight on the bar and push a littler harder in your workout just so you can beat the person next to you. Don’t worry, it’s all in good fun!

You will have more fun.

This is a pretty simple one. When you enjoy going to the gym, you will show up more. And showing up more, means better results. Our athletes come early to hang out and often stay late because they just love being together.

You will try new things.

Sometimes we all just need a little encouragement and when you are surrounded by an awesome fitness community that is exactly what you will get. Your classmates will cheer you on to try a new skill and your coach will help you execute it safely. There is nothing better than trying something you never thought you could do and doing it successfully!

Your fellow athletes will inspire you.

We have athletes ranging from 70 years old all the way down to 14 years old–and that alone is inspiring! It is so incredible watching others succeed!

There is absolutely nothing like a CrossFit community to make you want to show up, work hard and fight for your goals. Come see what it’s all about!