Fireside Kids Policy

We love having your kids in the gym, but our first priority is to keep them safe and ensure that all of our members and coaches have a great class experience.

During classes kids need to be in the kids room or quietly sitting at the large brown table. 

If kids are outside they need to exit/enter through the front doors. We have seen too many close calls with kiddos coming in and out of the garage doors and man doors that are directly connected to the mats. 

Kids need to be off all equipment, black mat space, and turf during classes. 

This ensures they are safe, that our athletes can use the space when needed, and that our coaches can focus on coaching.

If little ones need to be out on the floor with you they need to be safely contained in a stroller/wagon/playpen and safely situated away from barbells and other equipment. They need to be happy at all times.

We absolutely understand that getting a workout in with kids is tough. We have been there. We love having them here. But safety is our top priority. 

We also want to be mindful of other athletes who may not have kids or who come to Fireside so they can have a kid free workout. 

We know that as parents and athletes (and so much more) you’ve got a lot on your plate. We are honored that you have chosen Fireside to get in an hour of fitness just for you and that you feel comfortable bringing your kiddos along! We love the little friendships they have formed in the gym! 

We will be posting some signage at the gym as gentle reminders of our Kid Policy as well.

Thanks for your understanding and let us know if you have any questions!