November 11 2014

To all the Veterans that past and present THANK YOU for your service and sacrifice!

Today is a tough day for me as we take on Hero WOD Job. Ryan Job graduated from the my High School. During my freshmen year in NJROTC (Navel Junior Reserved Officer Training) he took me under his wing, watched over me and pushed me to become a better cadet and even a better person.

After High School Ryan Job entered into the United States Navy where he became a Special Warfare Operator. If you think this name sounds familiar, you may have read about him in Chris Kyle’s book American Sniper. ¬†One night in Ramadi Ryan was posting overwatch and was shot in his right eye. Although blinded he was wanting to stay in the fight. Eventually he was medivac to Germany where he under went surgery. The wounds were to extensive and he ended up losing sight in both eyes. He was later discharged and thats where his life began. Although blinded he used his workout to get in shape and ended up climbing Mt. Rainier!

Later on he underwent a routine surgery to help repair his eye socket. He never made it out. His cause of death is still a mystery.

Keep in mind that Hero workout are meant to be difficult and challenging. Your goal is to chip away and push on.

As you take on this workout today I want you to remember the sacrifice this American Hero made and those that he left behind. We have the luxury to continue with our lifestyle while young men continue to make the ultimate sacrifice!



20 Burpees

15 Pull ups

60 Alternating lunges

25 push ups

1000m row (or run)

3 Rounds.

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