February 3 2017

Special Operator 2nd Class, Ryan Job, Navy SEAL 

Ryan was raised in Issaquah, Washington. He was a high school athlete who loved to  hunt and had a passion for flying. He earned his private pilots license about the same time he received his drivers license. His dream was to become a Navy SEAL then a fighter pilot, to marry a beautiful woman and live on a Ranch with a hoard of kids. Ryan graduated from Issaquah High School in 1999 then attended the University of Washington for 3 years before enlisting in the Navy in 2002. He completed Navy boot camp and reported to BUDS Training, a year later he had become one of the elite; a Navy SEAL. In April 2006 he deployed to Ramadi, Al Anbar, Iraq as a member of SEAL Team 3, Task Unit Bruiser. During this time Ramadi was the most dangerous place in the world.
Ryan conducted over 20 combat operations leading the way to the “Awakening of Al Anbar.” On one of these missions he was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor for saving the lives of his fellow SEALs. Ryan and his team were ambushed and pinned down in a narrow alley, risking his safety, Ryan stepped into the center of alley and provided cover fire while his team escaped behind him.
On the morning of August 2, 2006 on a roof top in Ramadi, Ryan was shot in the face by a sniper. While his SEALs worked to save his life, Ryan regained consciousness, told them that he was OK, then as if raising from the dead he stood up and evacuated himself while his team covered him as they shot their way to an awaiting Bradley. Ryan said that if it were not for his training and his fellow SEALs who cared for him, he would have died that day. The wound rendered Ryan totally blind, forcing him to medically retire from the Navy.
Ryan was great at being blind. He never complained, never made excuses. In July of 2008 Ryan traveled to Washington to climb the 14,411 Mount Rainier as a member of the Camp Patriot’s Summit Challenge Team.
As they climbed toward the summit, Ryan followed his Camp Patriot guides, the rope kept them within feet of each other. The 14,411-foot summit of Mount Rainier lay ahead. “Every step they told me to take, I took,” Ryan recalled. “Trust was the key factor to my success. I totally trusted the team.”
Sure enough on July 9, 2008, Ryan stood on the rooftop of Mount Rainier, less than 2 years after he cheated death on a rooftop in Iraq. Camp Patriot arranged for two F-15 fighters to fly directly over his head so that he knew that he had made it to the top.
“The summit was amazing, even for a blind man,” Ryan said. “I could sense that nothing was above my head because of the wide-open sound and wind, the two F-15 fighters buzzing the top was an awesome confirmation, I could feel them!”
He then returned again to help other injured veterans climb Mt. Rainier in 2009.
Ryan’s story has inspired 1,000’s and has motivated other wounded veterans to climb Mt. Rainier as part of Camp Patriots annual Summit Challenge event. The Best Selling Book; American Sniper, is dedicated in Ryan’s memory. Ryan put others before himself, both in military service and in his personal life.
Ryan was a combat-decorated warrior who’s awards include; Naval Special Warfare Insignia, the Navy Parachutist Insignia, Silver Star and Bronze Star Medals both with Valor, Purple Heart, Navy Commendation Medal with Combat Distinction, Navy Achievement Medal, Navy Good Conduct Medal, Iraqi Campaign Medal, Expert Rifle and Pistol Medals.
Ryan went in for a routine eye surgery where he never woke back up.
Ryan is loved and greatly missed



“JOB” (Modified for Teams)

Team of 3 or 4

3 Rounds

40 Burpees

30 Pull Ups

120 Jumping Lunges (Alternating)

50 Push Ups

1,000m Row

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